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Aina was born in 1989 in Norway. She grew up in a small place called Gulen. At age 16 she moved to Asker and she still lives there.

She has always loved to draw and write stories. At age 3 she made a Winnie the Pooh book with her mum.

Besides from Aina's creative side, she was quite insecure and shy as a child. She lacked confidence in several areas.

In 2013 she went to Noroff and studied 3D movie production. One of her projects was a short children's book about a very unlucky wizard.

After finishing school, she wanted to make children's books, but didn't think she could write or draw well enough.

In early 2017 she pulled out the wizard story. She believed that Filiocus would be a compelling character for children. To find motivation, she needed a story that would engage her personally. She chose to make a book with focus on confidence.

Aina hopes that by reading a fun story and learning from authentic characters, children will feel that they're good enough just as they are.

You can buy The Lucky Accident on Amazon (hardback and Kindle). The story is about believing in yourself and being okay with making mistakes.

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