Are your children making mistakes?

The Lucky Accident is a book about making mistakes and being okay with it.

This is the story about a boy who has trouble casting spells and feels very disappointed in himself.  He meets an old wizard who casts spells all the time, but they all turn out wrong...

Especially when a spell turns into big, flying onions..

The picture book is for 3-8 year olds with large, easy to read text. The book has 42 pages and measures 8.5 x 8.5 inches.

A must-have in all loving and supportive homes!

Peek inside!

What are others saying?

"Funny, colourful and wise! Loved this book! Even though I'm way past the age of children's books, I still love them and love those like this one that comes with a message for the future adults of this planet" - Annick Ina, author of Soul Superstar

"A wonderful self-confidence booster! I'm very impressed with The Lucky Accident! This book shows that you are alright even if you mess things up now and then. That it's all about trying again and not giving up. A wonderful self-confidence booster for young children - I will give this book to every child I know!" - Inger Lise Kontochristos, infopreneur and author

"An incredibly great book! Read it in kindergarden and the children loved it. Great that there are questions so that you can discuss with the children afterwards!" - Rassmus Pontus Wistedt

"A beautiful children's book with a humorous touch. The great message is that you're allowed not to be good at everything and you're allowed to make mistakes. I had a great time reading this book to my nephew!" - Sureyya Sumeyye Duymaz

"The Lucky Accident is full of magic, humour and positivity. The drawings are beautifully done, and I think a lot of children can relate to the main character. I'm looking forward to reading this book to Norwegian-speaking and English-speaking children alike."

- Evita Svardal Vedå

"This book is something unique. It has been written in a humorous way and is great for those little readers out there. It has a great message about believing in yourself and not giving up." - Sutha Parameswaran

This book is cleverly framed by colorful and detailed illustrations, that will surely inspire and stimulate both younger and older readers. I highly recommend this book." - Jørdi Losnegård

The book has magic, humour and flying onions! Together you'll share laughter and unforgettable moments.

It's a heart-warming story that'll bring you closer to each other!

The characters have flaws and are easy to love. Your children will learn that no one is perfect and that is fine.

They'll learn that making mistakes are okay, and that you must believe in yourself.

There's fun and reflective questions at the end of the book. Have fun answering them together!

Every illustration is made with love, pen strokes and waterpaint.

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